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Are you interested in hosting a HRG camp at your club or home town?

HRC coaches are New Zealanders, from ex All Blacks and others who have played at the highest levels of rugby around the world. We aim to teach rugby the way we were taught grassroots rugby back in NZ and bring our love of rugby to the children around the world. The children learn the importance of brotherhood and respect, and to grow and thrive in the sport that they love while also learning about our Maori heritage. Some of our camps are day-camps and others are over-night camps, ranging from 3 to 5 days. From our experience last year, parents were blown away by the response their children had at the camp. They learned a discipline and resect like no other and found their children had grown in such a short space of time. Parents of kids with behavioural issues found that their kids were better mannered and were stunned by the positive impact the team environment and performing as one during the haka and waiata had on their kids.

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