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HRG STAFF guidlines. 

“Don’t be the problem be the solution”

HRG standards

-We are not only representatives of HRG but also all or whanau, Iwi and above all New Zealand

-NO Drugs

-No booking up of drinks, food or anything at all on HRG account, the HRG designated Rangatira will sort this out when & where needed

-Confirm club house cafe & water paid for for HRG staff for the week?

-Confirm club house beers/wine/soft drinks paid for for HRG staff for the week?

10 HRG expectations

1. The want to learn, be sincere, honest & respect our HRG program

2. If you have a problem there is a process to follow:

-Speak directly with the person involved

-Bring up your problem at our staff meetings

3. Respect your own role & the systems set in place, we will always be open to suggestions, advice, opinions however once a decision has been made by the HRG Rangatira get on with it and give it your 100% support whether you agree or not because the tribe is more important than the individual 

4. Puntuality:

-HRG staff always be on time

-Ko nga Kaiako always be set up and ready 15min before your trainings/games including training equipment

5.HRG staff & ko nga Kaiako don’t use bad language towards refs, players, other teams and/or in public. 

6. Please do not smoke in front of players and public, we are trying to promote a healthy living. If need be then leave the premises for your smoking

7. No mob phones on the training/playing field unless it is needed for emergency reasons, if you need to check the time get a watch

8. Wear the correct HRG uniform when specified and insist all players do the same

9. Be organized and ready for your trainings and games plus respect and follow the HRG coaching templates

10. If you have trouble being ready or at trainings or games please inform the HRG Rangatira well in advance


Dealing with bad player behaviour

1. Warn them

2. Ask them to step away

3. Inform ambassador

4. Never abuse a player either verbally, emotionally or physically


HRG ko nga Kaiako guide lines

1. In a player we look for in this order of importance:

A. Character

B. Disciple

C. Third and a long way from points A and B is Talent

2. Always begin your sessions with a short meeting reviewing your last session then previewing your next training and setting out clear objectives

3. Warm ups is always a great way to do your ABCs and create the right atmosphere and intensity for your trainings

4. Ruck & Run trainings meaning keep the rhythm high:

-2min water breaks

-Usually the problem with rhythm in training is the fault of Nga Kaiako because we either A. Talk too much or B. Are disorganised

5. When a player makes a mistake ask them how can they fix their mistake because at the end of the day the player must understand what they did wrong but more importantly how they can fix it 

6. At the end of trainings do a short review with 3 key points and make sure all feedback is positive


Training philosophy 

The players should understand what they are doing but more importantly why they are doing it


Training phrase

Coach the skill not the drill


Training process

1st Phase: ABC skills & drills

Goal: Static skill to skill done moving


2nd Phase: Small sided & over loaded games 

Goal: Skills being executed at pace


3rd Phase: Games with advantage to non focus team. e.g when focusing on team attack let def team play offside

Goal: Skills being executed at pace and under pressure with a huge focus on work off the ball & support play/lines


As we will be dealing with young kids, most countries will require POLICE VETTING. Can you find out how to go about this in your country of residence and we will reimburse you for the charges.  

Health insurance

All coaches must have their own health insurance cover while involved with HRG.

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