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Never Skip Legs Day.

Your legs make up half of your body – why wouldn’t you train them?
Exercises like squats and dead lifts are great for your core stability and general strength so they are certainly worth doing!

We want to help you, so please find below a brilliant leg burning workout!


Warm Up: important to get the blood pumping through your legs and warm them up – they are very susceptible to injury if they aren’t ready to be worked hard!

5 minutes of relaxed cycling followed by some stretching should do the trick!


Leg Extension:

A great one to start off with: 3 X 15 reps

Back Squat: 

Pyramid Set, upping weight each time: 20/15/10/6 (reps)

Romanian Dead-Lift:

Remember to maintain that form! 3 X 12 reps

Lying Leg Curl:

Burner on the Hammys! 3 X 12 Reps – 1 drop set (3 drops)

Calf Raises:

Seated: 3 X 12 reps

Standing: 3 X 12 reps – 1 drop set (3 drops)

Finish with a 5 minute cycle and some stretching to warm down!

Have fun walking down the stairs tomorrow!

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