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Born in Levuka, Fiji Ted Tela is a first/second five eight. The 25 year old played his schoolboy rugby in Australia and has continued to play his trade in the Queensland region ever since. Ted also represented Fiji Under 20’s at the JRWC 2010.

He recently made the move to Spain to grow his rugby and to experience a new culture.

We caught up with HRG player Ted to see how he is settling into Spanish life.


When did you first arrive in Spain?

I arrived here on the 2nd of November


What's the name of the club you're playing for?

Getxo rugby


What are your first impressions of the Spanish people?

Kind people , in most cases willing to help if they speak English 


Have you picked up any Spanish yet?

Just basic hello , good bye and few short words on the field 

What's your most used Spanish sentence? 

"How are you "


How are you finding the training?

Trainings good, skill level for some players not there yet , but basic understanding of structure is there


What's the Spanish rugby like in comparison to Australia? 

Probably not as physical as Australia but the  basic understanding is there , and some simple rugby skills still developing  over here  


Are you enjoying the Spanish food? 

Very nice cuisine and different, a lot more fresh 


They drive on the opposite side of the road in Spain, how are you finding driving over there?

Haven't driven just yet but been in the car a lot , have to stay alert and look the other way to be safe few speed racers over here

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