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1. Foam Roller

2. Triggerpoint Release Ball

3. Foot Massage Ball

4. Resistant Band

5. Phone Application

WHY PREHAB? The secret



Ask any trainer what the most important aspect of a workout is. More often than not, the answer you’ll hear is ‘The warm up’. And it’s not just any warm-up that will do. In the last two years prehab-based warm-ups, a proactive approach to improving strength, mobility and flexibility in the body’s weakest areas, have become a go-to method for eliminating problems — before they arise. A prehab warm-up can help athletes avoid injury, while improving overall movement quality as well. And though injuries are inevitable, doing a prehab-focused warm-up can help create a stronger, more mobile, and therefore resilient body. It will also allow you to work your hardest, meaning maximum benefits from your workouts.


The 3 “S” Principles

So what constitutes a proper prehab warm-up? It should include a mix of movements geared toward improving mobility, strength and flexibility. Translation: exercises that get your body ready to move, no matter what comes your way. To get started, 10 to 20 minutes of prehab work, following is Three “S” Principle, will get your workout started on the right foot. These are:


1. SOFT TISSUE WORK – Foam Roller, Foot Massage Ball, Trigger Point Ball


2. STRETCHING – Resistant Band


3. STRENGTHENING - Resistant Band


The soft tissue work, with a Foam Roller, Foot Massage Ball and a Trigger Point Ball is to release tight areas in the body. By breaking up scar tissue and adhesions (knots) in muscles, this form of self-myofascial release has been shown to result in an acute increase in mobility (and range of motion), therefore improving quality of movement. And, improved movement will lead to better workouts, and in turn, more results in less time.


Stretching is so important as it lengthens the muscles and allows greater blood flow to a specific area. By consistently stretching we gain a wide range of motion and flexibility therefore achieving maximum power.

Lastly, strengthening. We need to activate specific muscle groups so our body is coordinated and stable. 

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