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coAching staff. 

Haka Rugby Global director Troy Nathan CAUGHT UP with the Italian coaches this week. 

Italian rugby has had its struggles over the past few years being unable to get the upper hand in their games.


New coach Conor O'Shea has stepped into the role as Head Coach and coached his team in some brilliant performances, with a promising result over South Africa in the November series the highlight of Italian career so far. 

''It was a great opportunity to meet the new coaching staff of Italy" said Nathan.


''I was interested to hear their thought process on how they could change a losing Italian team into a confident winning team against one of the worlds rugby giants South Africa. Italy has a great squad of players and obviously a change of coach and environment is what the group needed to bring out the best in them.

Individually Italian players can definitely compete with the elite players around the world and once they believe that, they can produce some outstanding performances. Italians need to believe they are as good as the best teams in the world and what O'Shea and his coaching staff has done is bring that belief out in the players."

Troy Nathan exchanging idea's with England World Cup winner Mike Catt. Photo: Angela Petrarelli

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