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Want to live and experience Rugby in New Zealand?

Would you like your son to have the opportunity to experience NZ rugby and schooling? Then get in contact with us to hear more about our Haka Rugby International Exchange Program.

Haka Rugby Global is affiliated with several rugby renowned High Schools in Auckland and Hamilton (age 13-16 years) and with a prestigious rugby academy in Rotorua (age 17-23 years). Your son would get the opportunity to develop personal skills both on and off the field, to create future pathways, to be engrossed in the English curriculum, to increase personal fitness and learn how to work in a team environment. Not to mention the valuable life experience and life long friends and contacts your son would make along his international exchange journey. 

Our program duration is flexible depending on the length of time you would like your son to stay. Our packages included all school fee’s and homestay placement fee’s.

Flights not included.


Auckland, New Zealand

Rotorua, New Zealand

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